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How To Get A Best 50% Off Flashlight Even When You'r Not Clear About Choosing Flashlights?


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Out of curiosity I would like to know what is the in lumens led that is out there commercially available, no mods. This topic has been brought out a few times but the threads were dated to many years ago and so in 2013 i kinda…

If you want the , you need to measure the output, not the method of generation. Some LED will be than some incandescents — and vice versa.

I am looking to purchase the smallest and LED on the market. I’ve been looking around and I am overwhelmed with the number of LED . Basically I want the BEST! Any suggestions?

Good Afternoon Forum, I’m searching for the best / UV … I’ve read through quite a few posts, unfortunately the forum search engine won’t return any hits for “UV” (too short I assume… no pun intended) which means my hunting…

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